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2010-07-20 17:53:05 by Toonwerks

"Legends of the Black Book" was released over the weekend, and response has been very good! Thanks to everyone who got us the Daily first! We'll be working hard to complete Part 2 so we know if Xiphon and Slinks ever get out of that evil, silly forest.

We've also been listening to criticism about the movie. We actualy we're aware of most of the problems, but they were kinda hard to fix once we saw them. (Blame Casey's love of writing overlong scripts on that one! ) Some improvements we plan to make for part 2 is a shorter, more compact movie. Oh, and more consistent sound.. that was a pain....

The length was also a issue when MAKING the movie. Like most long flash projects, by the end Mark (Th1rt3en) was sick of looking at it. He still wants to animate, but needs a break form "Legends." So what we plan to do is each of us will be animating 1 or 2 shorter movies, averaging about 2 or 4 minutes each. This sill give us a little break, but also give us content for when Part 2 begins production. Some of these will be based on "Legends," but some will be completely unrelated.

If you want to learn a little more about this, I suggest listening to the Podcast we did about Toonwerks. We talk about making the movie, what we want to do for future installments, and other series. You can find it here:

Episode 37: Toonwerks (and Legends of the Black Book)

Again, all 3 of us (Casey, Mark and Joseph) would like you thank everyone. Toonwerks is off to a good start, and we hope to only get better as make more movies!

Hello world!