Entry #11

"Wonders of the Universe: Stardate" Released!

2013-05-29 10:16:28 by Toonwerks

New Wonders! You should check it out! It's about Lin'zee! (She also has a Twitter)

Wonders of the Universe: Stardate

This isn't a full episode, but its a bit above short status... so it's kind of a mini episode.

We also did a podcast talking with Mac and Miranda, the voice of Captain McKracken and Lin'zee respectively. We talk about thier role in Wonders, working on the video game Dust: An Elysian Tail, and more!

Episode 77: Stardate

Enjoy the episode!


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2013-12-20 06:41:53

Hey! Awesome series, I come back to it now and again wondering when #5 will be out. So you guys got any updates for eager fans?


2015-09-14 04:25:37

Hey for anyone who keeps coming here and wonders when Part 5 of Wonders of the Universe is coming out. They released it on their Youtube page around six months ago. Here is the link:



2017-11-17 22:16:55

Hay! Joseph Blanchett!!! Are you related to the elf queen in lord of the rings, and evil eris in thor ragnarok i just saw?!?!?! KATE BLANCHETT!!!