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Wonders Episode 4 update!

Posted by Toonwerks - September 4th, 2012

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to give an update on "Wonders of the Universe" Episode 4. And that news is... is that it's right on track! It should be released sometime in September and will be over 14 minutes long. We're all pretty excited about this one. Make sure you glance downward and see a brand new screenshot from the episode.

A couple weeks ago, we all recorded a podcast with some updates of our various projects. (Found here) Aside from the update on Wonders 4, we talked about the unfortonate cancelation of the short "Meet Lin'zee." It had it's merits, but overall we thought it wasn't reaching the same standards as the main show.

But the good news is, we're planning another short starring our favorite 7 foot tall blue girl! We're in the process of selecting an animator that will help us with these smaller projects. It's still really early, but we have a solid script, and the voice actors are ready to go!

Casey has been progressing on a standalone cartoon called "Captain Atomic" as well. It's more of a solo endeavor, but it'll still be under the Toonwerks name. The cartoon is a sort of homage to 1930 serials, and will have the brave Captain Atomic battling evil... for JUSTICE.

And last but not least, we've been planning out the next Minecraft cartoon. We're all getting involved this time, and it's looking to be a pretty cool project! Anyone want to guess what it'll be about?

Well that's all for now. Look forward to the next Wonders episode in the coming weeks!

- The Toonwerks Team

Wonders Episode 4 update!

Comments (5)

Looking forward to it

i will be anticipating it!

Can't wait for it to come out!

you can never trust a man with an eyepatch les he be a PIrate keep up the series i get more interested each episode

That blue bastard can rot. September was a rough month, huh?