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Toonwerks is the combined work of Casey McDonald (Xiphon), Mark Schneider (th1rt3en), Joseph Blanchette (Legendary Frog) and Chris Boe to produce animated movies for viewing entertainment!


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Quick production update

Posted by Toonwerks - December 18th, 2011

Greeting Symbiotic Sea-Slugs of Garbangalon-Terra 5!

We wanted to post a small update on our current productions. As of now episode 3 of Wonders of the Universe is ready for production. We got our last major voices in the other week and finished up a basic animatic yesterday. Chris Boe will be animating this episode with some guidance from Mark to try and keep the style consistent with the first two episodes.

Aside from this, the four of us (Casey, Joseph) all have individual Wonders-based or Wonders-inspired shorts in the pipeline. We're branching out! Expect at least one of them in the near future.

Be sure to follow us on the twitters (@TheToonwerks) and on the facebooks.

Happy Festivus everyone!

-The Toonwerks crew


Why no preview image down the bottom? How am I supposed to know what im waiting for? FFFffffff

You'll just have to wait for screenshots too!

Wonderful, I came to the toonwerks profile because I thought it was about time for the second episode and what did I find? The second episode is already out and your even getting the third well on its way. That's a nice change of pace from the normal waiting for episodes forever in other series. Don't know how I missed the 2nd when it came out. Maybe its cause it somehow didn't get the first place it deserved. Looking forward to the third. Goodluck.

Episode 2 was released on a day the portal got mass down-voted and its score dropped over a full point in minutes, so we lost some exposure and a Daily First. (We were miles ahead of the competition.) But we just said "screw it" and started on episode 3.

hmmm, it's been a couple months since Ep 2 came out, and your just now getting all of the voices and all that done! Well I am not going to give you much grief on that, tho I suggest you find a way to increase efficiency for faster production times.

It did take a while to get the voices in yes, but don't forget we also had the Minecraft cartoon after episode 2. But to make up for it we're doubling up on episodes and episodes 3 and 4 should be out much closer to each other. Sorry to keep you waiting!