Wonders of the Universe is Mostly Harmless

2011-10-15 15:22:01 by Toonwerks

Greetings Newgrounds!

We managed to hit our mid-October release date and bring to you our newest episode of Wonders of the Universe! This one definitely presented some unique hurdles and stands as our longest episode so far at 8 minutes. Introducing 3 new characters, a couple minor characters, continue the story of the inter-galactic cruise liner and her working crew as they prepare (and celebrate) for their maiden voyage,

Enjoy the episode!

Check out the Podcast where we all talk about the creation of the cartoon!
http://podcast.legendaryfrog.com/epi53 _Wonders2_10_13_11.mp3

- The Toonwerks Crew

Wonders of the Universe is Mostly Harmless


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2011-10-16 00:54:29

I think the voices and music/sounds are flawless. Fun and cute. If I had a complaint, it's that it was too short.

Toonwerks responds:

We hit the 16000 frame limit at one point while making it! What more do you want from us!! :)


2011-10-16 01:44:49

awesome work guys! - - love the podcast - behind the scenes stuff is always awesome

Toonwerks responds:

Except Casey talks waaaay to fast!!! D:


2011-10-16 13:54:37

Yesterday the rating was at like 4.3 and I thought it was an amazing flash with great humor. Then I check in today and its like a 3.8 what the heck happened did people flip flop on it that fast?

(Updated ) Toonwerks responds:

We had a down vote attack at around 11pm last night that gave us probably 300 0-votes int he span of a minute. It didn't look to just be us either, all of the other blue-highlight flashes got pushed down as well. So we got pretty much got shafted. We're still hoping for front page recognition and if that happens, it'll hopefully make up for the 0-bombs.


2011-10-20 16:08:32

This is, a very, very, very impressive work. Everything is just pretty well done.


2011-10-24 03:45:10

AWSOME! episodes XD can't wait for more!


2011-12-01 16:32:35

I hope the ep 3 well be coming soon.
I can't wait to see went well happen next.
Great job on both eps.
Both eps 10 stars.