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Wonders update and the fate of Legends

Posted by Toonwerks - September 28th, 2011

Greetings HUMANS!

We wanted to bring you guys another update on episode 2 of Wonders of the Universe. We're ahead of schedule with production and aiming for a mid-October release. You'll be happy to know that this episode is much longer than the first; it'll probably clock in around 8-9 minutes (excluding credits and any extra scenes we may throw in). We're currently working on the climax scene of the episode.

On top of that, Casey has started writing the first draft of episode 3! After it's done, we'll all look it over and Mark will convert the script into screenplay format. After several rewrites, a stork brings a brand new baby episode, ready to be nurtured to life. Chris Boe will likely be animating the next episode with Mark directing (or at least doing initial storyboards/animatics). There will likely be a shift in visual styles but everything else will still be there. Mark will then be free to work on another Wonders' short or possibly other Toonwerks projects.

And for those of you that remember our first toon, Legends of the Black Book (Part I), we're sad to say that due to circumstances beyond our control, Part II is delayed. We're having contract negotiation issues with Charles L. Frog. He's just not been the same after getting out of rehab for drug abuse...

...Okay so that's not completely true. As we were developing the first episode of Wonders, we were working on Legends Part II, getting so far as an animatic and the first bits of animation finished. But Mark needed a break from Fantasy and forests and wanted to do Science Fiction and space. Joseph and Casey were also interested in making an episodic series rather than a story-arc narrative. And finally, after how well the pilot episode did, we were excited to develop and expand the characters and universe.

We won't say that Legends is gone for good, but we've shelved it for now since we have better ideas for Wonders. We'd like to say sorry to everyone out that was looking forward to Part II.

In other Toonwerks news, Joseph and Chris Boe have been working on a separate project: a Minecraft-based cartoon entitled "The Journey of Greenfeet: A Minecraft Tale". Parodies wont be too common from us, but dammit we need to do at least one!

Keep a watch out for us over the next few weeks!


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Wonders update and the fate of Legends


Awesome. Look forward to more.

cannot wait for more of that series looks awesome