Wonder's Episode 2 Progress and Facebook Page

2011-08-23 17:57:54 by Toonwerks

Hello all!

Things have been busy since the release of the "Wonders of the Universe" pilot episode. We immediately began scripting out Episode 2 and, after some revisions, finished a first draft of the script. The talented voice actors recorded their lines, animator Mark whipped up an animatic, Casey began work on the new backgrounds, and Joseph started working on character models again. We're hoping the episode will be out sometime this fall!

We were all happy the way the pilot came out and how it was received, but realized it fell a bit short of a actual episode. We're pretty confident the follow-up will improve on it in every way!

Toonwerks actually has a second, more independent, project going on at the same time. While we're not ready to announce it, it's being animated by our brand new 4th member, Christopher Boe! Chris has been a long time friend of Joseph's and offered to help out when needed. He'll be doing work on Wonder's related shorts in the future.

We also set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page. We often post updates, screenshots, and new artwork for people to enjoy. It's still young, but trust us... we love showing off our progress!

Toonwerks Twitter
Toonwerk's Facebook Page

Enjoy some of the new artwork we have posted there, and we look forward to bringing Episode 2 to you all!

- The Toonwerks Crew

Wonder's Episode 2 Progress and Facebook Page


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2011-08-23 21:12:31

very excited :D Hit NG up if you need additional voice talent in case one of your awesome voices ... i dunno ... gets sucked into a vortex?


2011-08-23 21:54:25

ooh i cant wait!


2011-08-24 03:34:37

I'm looking forward to what you awesome fellows cook up next ;)