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Toonwerks is the combined work of Casey McDonald (Xiphon), Mark Schneider (th1rt3en), Joseph Blanchette (Legendary Frog) and Chris Boe to produce animated movies for viewing entertainment!


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Loved the epic camera shots :)

Lovely work!

Thanks! I (th1rt3en) took several film studies classes in collage so I strive for excellent cinematography. :)

OMG I REALLY LIKE THE PILOT . I hope this doesn't sound repetitive , but this should really be out there like on tv or something !!! good luck with i cant wait to see more of your creative minds :D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D::D


You guys rock. With such combined talent you will really shake up NG.

I really loved the episode. I think the character design is excellent, and I look forward to the next one. Good luck and great job!

You know what would be really annoying and possibly funny? If two or more of those talking robot things came across each other and had a looping conversation glitch.Wonders of the universe is a really nice idea for a series by the way.

Great stuff guys. Both the full episode and the skit were awesome. Would be great if you could alternate between full episodes and shorter skits going forward. That also shortens the wait between episodes. 5/5 on both so far :-) Do you have any profesional writers involved, or is it just you guys thinking up the story/jokes?

No professional writers, just a bunch of people with ideas and Skype. We also bring in the voice actors to help throw around ideas and they'll probably be ad libbing here and there. Our voicer Omahdon completely wrote the short on his own too.



lol, yeah. We want to finish Legends at some point, but we know that Wonders is a much deeper and more widely loved universe, and we want to keep focus on that. In the future when we can afford to (or have enough people to) split our attention between two projects we'll get it done, but we don't want to distract from Wonders when it's probably what Toonwerks would be better known for.

I love this the work is amazing.
My computers being funny so I haven't seen the mini skit yet
Anyway keep up the good work!

I realised my review on your pilot episode could of been a bit to mean and sadistic (even though I did give it a 9)
I am looking forward as hell in seeing episode 2 and 3. And I also tuned in to the podcast, I actually think it's a great idea that you got the love suspense out of the way ;) make it a side track dish. Like, whenever there's a chance for them to get to it, let them get to it. (Not in the freaky sense)

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the episodes next in line. I get the feeling that this ship, is more like a New York in space. (Seeing as there's all kinds of different cultures in a huge blender flying around in space) Except this time it's not tourists comming to the ship, it's more like the ship is the tourist of the universe.

taking too long for 2nd episode.......
how long still do we have to wait.................